COVID and Underlying Medical Conditions

The “Fear or anxiety-related disorder” must release chemicals in the body that reduce one’s ability to fight against the effects of the virus…


A new analysis of data on 540,667 people admitted to one of 800 hospitals in the US for Covid between March 2020 and March 2021 provides some interesting insights:

  • Covid accounted for 11% of all hospitalizations during that period of time. So much for the skeptics.
  • People with severe COVID tended to have one or more underlying medical conditions, most commonly:
    • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • Lipid metabolism disorder
    • Obesity
  • The underlying conditions most strongly associated with death are:
    • Obesity
    • Fear or anxiety-related disorder
    • Diabetes with complications
    • Having multiple underlying disorders

This is the first analysis I’ve seen that links mental state to survival. Apparently, your mental attitude toward your illness affects your ability to get through it.



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One thought on “COVID and Underlying Medical Conditions”

  1. It may be the people with anxiety just get more anxious when they can’t breathe, and that then sends the whole respiratory system and body deeper down the spiral. I can definitely see where anxiety isn’t helping the severe cases and there isn’t as much that we can do as far as being in there to comfort people either

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