Weight Loss Help with cycling phase 2

good going!!!

Frugal Average Bicyclist

So far, my diet is going well. At about 15 weeks in I am down 19 pounds. My goal was one pound a week so I’m ahead of that. But now I’ve decided to tune up my diet a bit and have made a few changes:

New calorie total

My new daily calorie goal is 1900, with a couple days a week I plan to be under 1500.  I think this will make sure the weight loss continues.  A great way to keep track of your calories is the myfitnesspal app I review here:

Need a great app to help you lose weight? Myfitnesspal review – Frugal Average Bicyclist

More exercise

I’ve been keeping up with my daily cycling routine of at least 25 minutes, and it’s going well.  On the weekends I typically ride for closer to an hour each day.  Now I have also added in some general…

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