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Closing Thought–12Jul21

South Dakota AG is in a spot of trouble….seems he hit and killed a man with his car…..but like all politicians it was not his fault…..

Jason Ravnsborg is really looking for an out. The South Dakota attorney general who struck and killed Joe Boever with his car back in September of 2020 is now claiming the victim wanted to die. Boever, whose glasses were found inside Ravnsborg’s car and whose lit flashlight was found off the road and near his body, had recently started taking a prescription anti-anxiety medicine, Keloland reports. Ravnsborg’s defense team filed a court document requesting the victim’s psychiatric records. That document quotes Boever’s cousin Barnabas Nemec saying he believes Boever threw himself in front of the car on purpose.

The filing claims that Boever was working his way through a bottle of Lorazepam faster than prescribed, and that the common medicine can cause…

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