♫ Slip Slidin’ Away ♫

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I hadn’t really given a thought to tonight’s music post yet, had just finished putting ‘Jolly Monday’ on the schedule and decided to take a short break and visit my friend Carolyn’s latest blog post, during the course of which, a word or two immediately brought this song into my head. And as we all know, once a song finds its way into my head, it usually ends up here!

Slip Slidin’ Away is a 1977 song written and recorded by Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel fame, which appears on his compilation album Greatest Hits, Etc.What I did not know, and was surprised by, is that the backup vocals were done by the Oak Ridge Boys … one of the few country groups I can tolerate.

According to Simon, the song is about how we can all watch our dreams pass us by and end up like…

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