Day 49/67 of GED in Five Months, interest, and financial language learning

Critical thinking for Human Community

 How can you determine what the cost of a student loan, or a mortgage, might be, in 20 years, and what might interest rates have to do with that?   What might the difference be between simple interest, compound interest, the prime rate, and other types of interest rates?  And why should we all care?  All of these questions are part of learning the language of finance, which every Adult needs to understand, even if one does not wish to participate in all parts of the system.

You might get a start, or a refresher, on the mathematics for that in the lesson below…

 Middle of week 13/18
Day 49 Lesson Plan
Grammar: parallel structure in sentences
Math: Simple Interest
Today’s history reading
Day 49 Exit Ticket
(Day 48Day 50)

Bernanke drew some more parallels between then and now:

” I thought that I would speak…

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