Day 48/67 of GED in Five Months, science, help, and health

Critical thinking for Human Community

 How many of us remember why monocropping can be a problem, and how it could impact our health, and the health of generations to come?

Reading: “Growing the same crop on a field year after year can cause crop yields to decline as the soil becomes depleted and insect populations become firmly established. Crop rotation, or growing different crops in different years, is one way to avoid these problems. However, discovering the most effective rotation of a number of different crops is difficult, because there are so many possible orders in which to grow them and testing any given crop rotation takes several years.”

This might take some math, huh?  For example, what might a percentage increase in one year be for a bunch of bugs that have made themselves snuggly at home in a potato field, versus the percentage increase of those bugs if that potato field were…

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