Missouri becomes ground zero for COVID-19 battle | TheHill

More than half the population has not taken a COVID-19 vaccine in Missouri, which is dealing with one of the worst situations with the coronavirus across the country. As parts of the United States emerge from the pandemic, other sections of the country are experiencing a very different reality with the virus. Few states illustrate the divide better than Missouri. The state has the second most cases per capita next to neighboring Arkansas, according to the database kept by The New York Times. The Missouri Health Department has recorded a total of 533,670 coronavirus cases as of Friday, an increase of 1,544 from the day before.

Source: Missouri becomes ground zero for COVID-19 battle | TheHill

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    1. Set up mobile units and go block by block, as well as healthcare companies, clinics, etc require vaccinations. If I did not get a flu shot last year, I would not be allowed to work in the homeless clinic that paid me. A friend was going to lie about it and I told her if she did, I would report her. Flu kills very young and elderly too.

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