Thoughtful Thursdays, Stayed on Freedom with the Call of Freedom, and New Alliances

Critical thinking for Human Community

It is crucial that we each help our society to become more fully inclusive for all of us today, and to come and work together, for all of us, right?

“Of course, right!”

I believe that attention to shared histories, as in DC, may provide part of an answer. I started a note about that, a few years ago, in my book Stayed on Freedom’s Call:

” … and strategies took place semi-officially, particularly between Negro and Labor
Movement organizers, many of whom were Jewish. The New Negro Alliance
(“the Alliance”), founded in 1933, began using new more aggressive tactics
borrowed from the labor union movement, such as the boycott and picketing.
These tactics in combination with a weekly newspaper used to inform and
educate, maintaining transparency and reiterating the importance of
understanding how the tactics worked, got results. Those results followed the
path that had been opened shortly…

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