Self-Publishing in S. India: A Guest Blog Post by Nadira Cotticollan

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Traditional publishing, the kind that engages literary agents and monolithic publishing companies, has always been a challenge for writers. In my quest to find either for my soon-to-be-released novels, “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat” and “Tango & the Sitting Cat,” it feels akin to winning the lottery. Fortunately, self-publishing is rapidly becoming a mainstream empowering alternative. What’s your experience with either buying or publishing self-published novels?

A blogger from India, Nadira Cotticollan, shares about her venture into releasing fiction on her own…

When she’s not writing novels, Nadira Cotticollon loves being a grandmother.

“The Winnowing Waves” and Self-Publishing by Nadira Cotticollan

I belong to a  Muslim community from the coastal state of Kerala in South India. We are said to have been winnowed out from the rest of the Kerala populace by the inter-marriages that took place between the Arab traders and the local women. Most of the cultural…

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4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing in S. India: A Guest Blog Post by Nadira Cotticollan”

    1. You too – getting published and selling gets tougher every day. I have three published but did not light world on fire – grin. Non-fiction.

    2. They were published late 90’s and early 2000’s – not going to make a comeback. I have a novel that is 25% done and mostly still in outline form. I think I am just about ready to get it finished.

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