Myanmar’s Orwellian New Order

The mindset of the Tatmadaw leadership is also the main reason why “dialogue” or “engagement” with them is bound to fail. The generals are, plainly speaking, delusional and live in their own Orwellian fantasy world, devoid of any understanding of what the people think and want. And, to use another quote from 1984: “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” The Myanmar military seized power in 1962 and has since then remained in charge under different guises, as a junta or behind a political façade. And not even the 2016-21 NLD government was able to change the country’s fundamental power structure, with the military always at its apex. Unless the Tatmadaw cracks, and some in high positions are willing to face up to reality, there is little chance of Myanmar becoming truly democratic. The alternative is another few decades of military-dominated rule, with all the repression and misery that entails. Source: Myanmar’s Orwellian New Order