One thought on “A new remedy against Alzheimer’s appears on the horizon – Magic Mistura を”

  1. “The search for an effective medication compared to Alzheimer’s it’s old. So far, however, there is no drug capable of reversing or interrupting the progress of the disease, which affects at least 1 million Brazilians. For a new candidate who advances in research tries, at least, to slow down his damage.

    This is the donanemabe, made by Eli Lilly. Modern class of monoclonal antibodies, molecules that seek specific targets in the body, the remedy survived phase 2 of the studies, more focused on safety, but which also sees effectiveness. The test results with 250 volunteers came out on The New England Journal of Medicine.

    It has been shown to slow the progression of symptoms and reduce levels of the protein that destroys neurons. Check out this and other news against the disease”

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