Why it is Good for Children to be Learning in Creative ways and become Aware of the Need for Environmental Care


When children grow up with an awareness of how important it is to protect the environment

They will become teenagers and adults who will quickly understand why they should do things in a new way and make a commitment

They will become entrepreneurs as the number of jobs that are not taken by robots will be few and they will need to open Green businesses

They will also plant trees and do all they can to pollute the planet less

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Knowing all about the circular economy and zero waste will be their plan

And they will always understand how to apply solutions and believe that they can

They won’t be like those who can’t get jobs so they go out and rob

They will be thinking creatively as they develop new skills and create new jobs

Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels.com

Reducing, reusing…

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