Cohesive (Op-Ed)


We can assemble a staff of the most skillful technicians and office staffers as far as their talent and training are concerned, but if they are unable to work together they will not be as effective as technicians and staffers with less talent and training but possesses more ability to work in concert as a team. We see examples of this truism in sports when a challenging team defeats the champion. In business, this occurs when a small business outperforms a mighty conglomerate. In international affairs it happens when a seemingly insignificant minor country, outwits and stymies the armies of the superpower. The catalyst in these scenarios is cohesion.

Effective leaders understand the immense power of unity and how it strengthens groups’ bonds and the ability to coordinate their energies to focus on achievement of goals. Cohesion is not a modern concept or invention. It’s been in our species’ DNA…

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