A Dying River- Will the People Change What They Have Been Doing?


A dying river can kill the people who depend on it after a while

If only those who make a living and use the water from it, could go the extra mile

When the people are aware that a dying river can cause them to die

It would be nice if they make the important changes because they know why?

If the Government had employed people to keep the river clean long ago

I believe the pollution would be reduced and there would be less sorrow

Water is life but when it is polluted it cause illness

It would be good if everyone could join in and help to clean up the mess

Photo by Phuc ( Xu00f9 ) Pham on Pexels.com

We all want to be healthy even when we grow old

For some folks, health is a lot more precious than Gold

Since the river was clean before…

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