WinterABC2021 Challenge Recap

Good job!

Exhortations With Shazzy

The WinterABC2021 challenge has come to an end. It has been an incredible experience in my blogging journey. Having participated in the challenge reminded me that I could achieve anything in life with the right attitude. It was the right attitude that afforded me to reach the finish line. There were some days where I ran out of content. I’m glad I persisted as it was my first time publishing content daily.

I have reflected on my participation in the challenge. To check if I met all the goals I made when I started the challenge


Initially, I had planned that I would publish posts at 6 Am. Most posts got published before midnight every day. I was busy and never got time to schedule on time. Hence I published them late.
What mattered was that at least one post was up, no matter the time…

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