Who will govern Afghanistan? Democracy or Militancy?

Beyond The Lines

Source – arabnews

The Biden government may be lagging behind its July 4 commitment to vaccinate all adults but it is doing a commendable job at evacuating all its troops way before the September 11 deadline.

Judging by the current pace of evacuation it seems that by July 4 only a handful number of soldiers will be left behind to protect U.S. diplomats in Afghanistan, who may then get struck in the looming Civil War once the evacuation of U.S. and NATO troops is completed in the country of uncertainty.

How much of Afghanistan is governed by the Taliban?

Source – Foreginaffarirs

As of 2nd July, 2021 Taliban, has gained control over 157 districts, is contesting with the Afghanistan government over 308 districts and Afghan government has control over 90 districts.

The Taliban has its own set of laws based on the interpretation of Sharia. It has also developed a…

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