Samoa withdraws weightlifters from Tokyo Olympics

Radio New Zealand reported earlier that Samoa’s government had decided the previous day to withdraw the nation from the games entirely due to the number of new virus cases Japan is logging each day.

Patrick Fepulea’i, president of the Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee, said in a statement that three athletes comprising the country’s weightlifting team who are currently based in Samoa will not participate, but eight other Samoan athletes who have qualified for the games and are based overseas will.

The eight — two in Australia, four in New Zealand, one in the United States and one already in Japan — will represent the island nation in boxing, sailing, canoeing, athletics and judo.

After the Olympics, they will return to their respective bases, rather than to Samoa, the statement said.

“We fully understand the logic behind the government decision, especially the need to protect Samoa from the virus, especially the new mutation now spreading around the world,” the statement added.

Source: Samoa withdraws weightlifters from Tokyo Olympics