Remembering ( before lock up )

Smith Shine Poetry

Feels like I've been 
here so long,
so I strain to think back
to when things weren't so wrong.

But all I see is my hands 
cuffed in a sweatbox, 
so I strive even harder,
trying to forget about locks. 

No! I'm in a cold court cell,
and like a scared snail,
I retreat alone into my shell.

Still thinking endeavouring 
to remember, but all I can see
is a man in a wig,
dictating my future and 
how I am going to live.

'Stand up! Sit down!'
Fixed on thinking is 
causing me to frown.

And then, I remember
the girls! the beach! the sun!
back in the days 
when it was fun.

Attempting to stay in this 
memory, until this time has past,
getting there can't
come too fast. 

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