Good news for travellers! E.U. gives a nod to Indian made vaccine.

Beyond The Lines

Eight countries in Europe have given a nod to Indian made Astrazeneca vaccine Covishield and have added it into the accepted list of vaccines in the green pass.

This includes six countries of the European Union and two countries of the Schengen area. “The moves come after India drew a redline for foreigners coming to India from the E.U. India said she will quarantine the travellers if E.U. does not accept Indian made vaccines”.

What is the Green Pass?

Source – healthpolicywatch

European Union has issued a green pass which will be given to fully vaccinated individuals to move freely in the country and can also travel to different countries in the E.U. The green pass is made by the European Medicine Agency.

Which countries have accepted Covishield?

Total seven countries as of 1st July, 2021 have accepted the Indian made AstraZeneca vaccine. They are :-

  • Spain

  • Slovenia

  • Greece

  • Germany

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