La Ley del Espejo: “Lo que niegas, te somete y lo que aceptas, te transforma”.

Dr. Jean Carlos Duluc

La Ley del Espejo nos plantea que el origen de nuestros sentimientos negativo hacia una persona, está en nuestro “corazón” y no en la otra persona.O seaque, lo que nos enseña esta ley, es que los sentimientos tienen su origen en nuestro interior y es por eso que somos nosotros los responsable de manejarcreencias, ideas y malos pensamientos hacia los demás.

“Lo que niegas, te somete y lo que aceptas, te transforma”.

Porque elenfado, habitualmente, es con uno mismo y no con el otro. Es decir, todo comienza y todo termina en el sí mismo, pues es la proyección la que juega con nuestra mente, como si nuestra realidad fuese un espejo que nos devolviese la imagen que estamos generando.

Lo que nos molesta de los demás, es lo que nos negamos a nosotros

¿por qué no reaccionamos ante una situación de la misma forma con todo…

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“The Big J” – USS New Jersey | Pacific Paratrooper

USS New Jersey (BB-62) Camden NJ USA

Deano In America

In my endless quest to see everything I have ever been interested in since I was a kid, I recently walked across the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River from PhiladelphiaPA to CamdenNJ to see the mighty Iowa Class Battleship the USS New Jersey (BB-62) known as “The Big J“. She served from 1942 to 1991 and today this former US Navy Battleship continues on as a floating museum.

Source: “The Big J” – USS New Jersey | Pacific Paratrooper

Israeli troops put AP photographer in danger during clashes – The Washington Post

Mohammed said the officer told him he was being detained, and that the soldiers were keeping him there so the protesters would not throw rocks at them. Mohammed said he informed the officer that this was unlawful and amounted to using him as a human shield.

International law forbids forcibly placing civilians near military targets to deter attacks. In 2005, Israel’s Supreme Court outlawed the long-standing practice of using Palestinian civilians in military operations, including the “neighbor procedure,” whereby soldiers would send a Palestinian civilian to the home of a wanted militant to order him out. The Israeli rights group B’Tselem says soldiers have occasionally used such practices in the years since. 

Source: Israeli troops put AP photographer in danger during clashes – The Washington Post

Samoa withdraws weightlifters from Tokyo Olympics

Radio New Zealand reported earlier that Samoa’s government had decided the previous day to withdraw the nation from the games entirely due to the number of new virus cases Japan is logging each day.

Patrick Fepulea’i, president of the Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee, said in a statement that three athletes comprising the country’s weightlifting team who are currently based in Samoa will not participate, but eight other Samoan athletes who have qualified for the games and are based overseas will.

The eight — two in Australia, four in New Zealand, one in the United States and one already in Japan — will represent the island nation in boxing, sailing, canoeing, athletics and judo.

After the Olympics, they will return to their respective bases, rather than to Samoa, the statement said.

“We fully understand the logic behind the government decision, especially the need to protect Samoa from the virus, especially the new mutation now spreading around the world,” the statement added.

Source: Samoa withdraws weightlifters from Tokyo Olympics

mRNA vaccines ease breakthrough COVID; Novavax helps block variant | CIDRAP

The few adults who receive a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine but still become infected have a milder, shorter illness and lower viral RNA loads than their unvaccinated peers, finds a real-world US study yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The journal also features a UK study confirming that the Novavax vaccine offers 90% overall effectiveness and protects against the highly transmissible and potentially more deadly Alpha (B117) SARS-CoV-2 variant.

mRNA vaccines 91% effective after 2 doses

In the first study, a team led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Response Team tested 3,975 coronavirus-naïve healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential workers who received one or two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccine or were unvaccinated from Dec 14, 2020, to Apr 10, 2021. The study took place in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Source: mRNA vaccines ease breakthrough COVID; Novavax helps block variant | CIDRAP