Good People Doing Good Things — Dr. Ala Stanford

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Today I have only one ‘good people’ for you, but she is … WOW!  She is doing far more than her share to keep the Black community in Philly healthy and not for a fee!

Earlier this week, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced that 70% of the city’s adults had received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine — reaching President Biden’s goal for the nation ahead of schedule.

Yet that doesn’t tell the whole story. Only one-quarter of those vaccinations have gone to Black residents even though they make up more than 40% of the city’s population.

Throughout the pandemic, people of color have been devastated by Covid-19 in the US — dying at a much greater rate than white Americans. Now, as deaths have fallen with increased vaccinations, those dying are younger and more disproportionately Black.

Enter Dr. Ala Stanford …

Since April 2020, Dr. Ala Stanford…

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