Jamaica Update, June 28, 2021: Anxious doctors, relaxed protocols, and the Saudis visit

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It has been raining, thankfully. It has been damp and humid and thundery, and the garden is flourishing. Plus, the Euro football competition has been more than usually compelling. Apart from that, it’s been pretty much business as usual on this island – although I do sense a certain amount of tension and anxiety as July 1 approaches – when our curfew hours will be relaxed, besides rules for gatherings. The entertainment sector is quite happy, but to be honest the timing seems off. We shall see. A planned concert organized by the Government for International Reggae Day (July 1) at Port Royal has been called off, (cancelled or postponed?) due to the weather forecast (we do have tropical waves and a system approaching) and there will be a film showinstead – or was it because the response to the idea has been less than positive?

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