The other woman in my life


Midlife, for most men, quickly turn to be a bull grind of momentous boredom. With its very repetitive array of compulsive chores, a humdrum of listless food for every meal and an eminently predictable behaviour of indifference among all around you, life in the fifties, far from being exciting, is, in fact a full-blown crisis. You are expected to pay all the utility and non-utility bills of every family member and on time, gulp down to the last morsel the “diet meal” served on the plate without a murmur and mentally rehearse the sentence a couple of times before you let out a request for permission to switch off that overworked air-conditioner! Life suddenly looks drudgery as you silently crave for that one person to come to your life and bring back the zing and zest to it. And I am happy and immensely thrilled to have found that person…

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