Hancock is gone, but the rot at the heart of UK government is only getting worse | openDemocracy

The Hancock affair is about much more than a senior minister breaking his own COVID rules


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So, Matt Hancock has resigned as Britain’s health secretary. A line has now been drawn under a scandal that gave the British press the ‘public interest’ licence to splash photos of a cabinet minister locking lips with his aide. Nothing more to see here.

This, at least, is what the government wants us to think. On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday morning, justice secretary minister Robert Buckland insisted any queries about Hancock were either prurient or irrelevant since “Matt has resigned”. Move along, folks.

But the Hancock affair is about much more than a senior minister breaking his own COVID rules with his adviser, Gina Coladangelo. The whole episode highlights – once again – the gaping hole in the middle of Boris Johnson’s government where transparency, probity and honesty should be.

Forgot about how the footage of Hancock and Coladangelo leaked into the media, the real question to ask is how did the minister’s paramour end up with a paid government job in the first place?

Source: Hancock is gone, but the rot at the heart of UK government is only getting worse | openDemocracy

Our Documents – Executive Order 9981: Desegregation of the Armed Forces (1948)

On July 26, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed this executive order establishing the President’s Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services, committing the government to integrating the segregated military. Source: Our Documents – Executive Order 9981: Desegregation of the Armed Forces (1948)

Jolly Monday — Smiles Galore!

Filosofa's Word

Good Monday morn, my friends!🌻  No, I’m not bright and cheerful, I’m just trying to put on a good act … is it working?  So, how was your weekend … do anything special?  Miss Goose and I were reminiscing a day or two ago about the last time we went to the book shop and out to eat at a restaurant … over 15 months ago.  That was the weekend that the governor of our state announced that all non-essential businesses must close, and I remembered how I turned to my daughter and said, “Well, it better not last past next weekend!”  We laugh about that now, some 64 weekends later!  Ah well, we’re alive and surviving, and in truth, Miss Goose and I have gotten quite comfortable with staying home in our jammies all day every day!

I promised after last week that there would be a better…

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How India’s Covid-Hit Hospitals Ran Out of Oxygen – The New York Times

At 9:45 p.m., alarms blared across the intensive care unit of Jaipur Golden Hospital. Over two dozen patients on ventilators couldn’t breathe. Some flailed their arms and legs. Others cried for help, choking sounds coming from their throats as if they were being strangled.

Mechanics sprinted to the maintenance room to see what was wrong. Nurses grabbed small plastic pumps to fill the lungs of critically ill patients by hand.

It wasn’t enough. Jaipur Golden, a respected hospital in Delhi, had run out of medical oxygen. Over the next seven hours, 21 coronavirus patients died.

“Nobody can forget that night,” said Shaista Nigar, the hospital’s nursing superintendent. “It was a total breakdown.”

Across India, amid a devastating second wave of Covid-19, hospitals ran out of beds and critical supplies, contributing to the deaths of untold thousands of people and worsening an already tragic outbreak. By one count, oxygen shortages alone have killed at least 600 people over the past two months.

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An alley of rows of young men and women, clad in cool attires and sitting in ergonomic chairs, are glued to their laptops.  Their trendy glassed office overlook a vast expanse of swanky business towers that dot the skyline. Sipping endless cups of coffee and working extended hours, they always are in a hurry to beat the excruciating client deadlines to complete the project in hand and move over to the next. These smart, tech savvy and highly paid bunch of youngsters are the Indian IT professionals tasked to develop top notch software products for companies worldwide..and millions of such techies work in cities across the country fulfilling an ever increasing global demand for ITservices.  They were the poster boys and ambassadors of the new nation,  a confident and aspirant India taking rapid strides in frontier technologies … and the world lapped up this image, until the events…

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हर कदम जीत की ओर

Harshita Singh

बाधाओं के शिखर होंगे ,
मुश्किलों का कहर होगा ,
परेशानियों का ढेर होगा ,
फिर भी हर कदम मेरा जीत की ओर होगा ।
राह में गहरे गड्ढे भी होंगे ,
लहरों में मुझे डुबाने का शोर भी होगा ,
हवाओं में मुझे गिराने का जोर भी होगा ,
फिर भी हर कदम मेरा जीत की ओर होगा ।
असफलताओं के ढेर भी होंगे ,
संकल्प हिलाने को मेरा प्रयास भी बेजोर होगा
गिरने पर मेरे , हँसने का इंतजार भी जरूर होगा ,
फिर भी हर कदम मेरा जीत की ओर होगा ।
असफलताओं , बाधाओं से ना मेरे सपने खंडित होंगे ,
हर बार गिरने पर मेरा उठने का प्रयास जरूर होगा ,
हैं यकीन मेरी सफलता का भी एक दिन शोर होगा ,
क्योंकि हर कदम मेरा जीत की ओर होगा ।

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How to find happiness

Mmeme Mbambo

Memories bring us together

Life afflictions are for a moment while glory is eternal

Memories bring joy, Everytime you sit alone and in peace you remember the past, its always the best place to escape to when you feel troubled.

Good memories provide solace while other memories provide appreciation i.e they make you appreciate life more. Memories make us whole.

They provide us with a sense of where we are going in life, Where we’ve been and were we are. Sometimes when the presence becomes so overwhelming just dive back into the past , try to remember why you are who you are, how you got into the position that you’re in today and why you ever started, I assure you when you get these answers your perception and point of view will definately change and you will be suprised when you find yourself feeling more eager about life and…

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El pasado ofrece un menú a sus visitantes

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

El pasado ofrece a sus visitantes un menú con escombros, ecos a veces imperceptibles, ausencias y sobrantes, silencios, voces refugiadas en algún rincón o escondrijo, suspiros e ilusiones rotas. Suele transformarse, primero, en recuerdo, en nostalgia, y, más tarde, al paso de los minutos y los días, en olvido, en polvo que dispersa el viento, en historias que naufragan y se hunden en la desmemoria.

La vida y el tiempo, indiferentes a las rutas que eligen los hombres y las mujeres, no se conmueven ante lo que queda atrás ni coleccionan recuerdos, y menos fotografías, cartas perfumadas y flores marchitas. No disponen de cuentas bancarias. Simplemente, continúan su itinerario. Son etéreos. Lo intangible es energía y, aunque de cierto modo afecta al pano material, no es posible manejarlo como lo hace el relojero con el péndulo, las manecillas y…

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