eScooters, Ride-Sharing and Head Injuries

Like vaccines, take the precautions available and be careful, as you can.


Having lost a grandson to a head injury when riding a dirt bike, the need for safety gear when riding anything motorized should not be rocket science to anyone. Any two-sheel motorized device is a projectile with the passenger as the payload. Whether you move forward into clear air, into a vehicle, into a deer or a phone pole is simply a matter of luck and chance. And the body simply isn’t designed to be a warhead.

eScooter rentals have been around since 2017, and we’ve seen a rise in head and neck injuries from accidents on these bikes. That’s leading to calls for using safety gear.

I know from what happened to my grandson that typical safety equipment for these bikes is pretty worthless. You really need motorcycle-grade gear. If something is going to void its warranty by falling of a table, it’s not going to protect your head…

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