Day 41/67 of GED in Five Months, cycles, and, “Wh” questions

Critical thinking for Human Community

Adulting often requires Public Library resources to answer important questions about issues ranging from the life cycle of an organism, as in today’s science reading, to election cycles. Or resources like the old “Who’s Who…” books that recorded facts like the number of presidents who have been impeached, and why. Questions like why, where, when, and of course, how, are key to understanding all sides of any issue, from biology to sociology, and our daily lives.

Week 11/18
Day 41 Wk 11
Grammar: writing a paragraph
more Pythagorean Theorem
Day 41 Exit Ticket
(Day 40Day 42)

Action Items:

1.) Why might it be important to understand the life cycle of various organisms?

2.) Please explain how it may (or may not) help citizens of a Republic…

3.) Write a book, story, blog post or tweet that uses those thoughts, and then, please

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