Culture in Music

Exhortations With Shazzy

People write songs to express their feelings at that particular moment and address critical issues in life through music. Let me tell you that we have different types of music for specific occasions in South Africa. We have certain songs we sing at weddings, funerals, and parties. (etc)

Nikki reminded me of the beauty of cultural sound in one of her posts last week She said whenever she listens to the beats, her bones want to say ‘ayeboo’ (an expression of joy), hence why I decided to dive a little bit into expressions in cultural sound.

Some genres that originate in South Africa include Qhom, Kwaito, and Amapiano. Although jazz did not originate in SA, musicians like Hugh Masekela, Mirriam Makeba, and Judith Sephuma gave jazz more meaning and a South African feel. These are jazz musicians who have taken jazz and made it a unique sound to fit…

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