Cow that escaped Pico Rivera slaughterhouse arrives at farm sanctuary in Acton – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

“The as-of-yet unnamed cow is very hesitant and fearful of humans, which is unsurprising considering everything she’s gone through,” Farm Sanctuary in Acton posted Sunday. “She’ll likely calm down as the days go on and she comes to recognize that we aren’t going to hurt her, though she may never warm up to humans fully. But that’s one of the great parts of Sanctuary: we don’t force her to spend time with us; we allow her to just be. Source: Cow that escaped Pico Rivera slaughterhouse arrives at farm sanctuary in Acton – San Gabriel Valley Tribune


حلم الدرويش

صحوت فزعاً على صوت صرخات! … قفزت من الفراش … غشاوة النوم تطمس عينى … ماذا يحدث وماذا أفعل؟! ، الصراخ من خارج الشقة! … أقدام تركض على السلالم … أيادى تطرق أبواب الشقق؟! ، مسحت وجهى بالماء سريعاً … استجمعت شتات نفسى … فتحت باب الشقة لدخول المتاعب! .

الصورة تتضح أمامى … أصوات تُردد : النار .. حريقة .. المطافىء .. البوليس ، صرخات نسائية … تجمُع رجالى أمام شقة فى أخر رواق الدور الذى أسكنه! ، يدقون الباب بعنف … يحاولون كسره بأكتافهم! . الدخان يزداد … يُغشى العيون والأنوف ، لحقت بهم نضرب الباب بكل قوة لكن دون جدوى! … الباب قوى مُبطن بالفولاذ يصعب كسره! ، فتاة تصرخ من داخل الشقة بلا توقف!… هموت .. إلحقونى .. حرام عليكم .. النار … بكاء ونشيج ثم تُعاود الصراخ .

اقترح عم محمد البواب القفز من المنور لكسر باب المطبخ وإنقاذها ، نفَّذَ مع أحد الجيران فوراً…

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Highly contagious Delta coronavirus variant spreading fast in California – Los Angeles Times

Experts say the Delta variant poses a greater chance of infection for unvaccinated people if they are exposed to this version of the virus. The variant, first identified in India, may be twice as transmissible as the conventional coronavirus strains. The Delta variant has been responsible for the rise in cases recently in India, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. But vaccinated people are well protected against infection and illness from the Delta variant. One recent study found that the full course of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (two doses) was 88% effective against symptomatic disease caused by the Delta variant and 96% protective against hospitalization.

Source: Highly contagious Delta coronavirus variant spreading fast in California – Los Angeles Times

Surrendering To Language


A breath
To breathe
A poem to write,
Stimulated with language.
My soul walks a tightrope across length of DNA
Where a silent tongue becomes a catalyst for tangible, legible conversation.

Countless frequencies
Undefined probabilities
Reshaping the healing of vulnerable hearts.
When my soul takes a breath from your heart, I inhale love to give my heart a kickstart.

#Fibonacci poetry .

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eScooters, Ride-Sharing and Head Injuries

Like vaccines, take the precautions available and be careful, as you can.


Having lost a grandson to a head injury when riding a dirt bike, the need for safety gear when riding anything motorized should not be rocket science to anyone. Any two-sheel motorized device is a projectile with the passenger as the payload. Whether you move forward into clear air, into a vehicle, into a deer or a phone pole is simply a matter of luck and chance. And the body simply isn’t designed to be a warhead.

eScooter rentals have been around since 2017, and we’ve seen a rise in head and neck injuries from accidents on these bikes. That’s leading to calls for using safety gear.

I know from what happened to my grandson that typical safety equipment for these bikes is pretty worthless. You really need motorcycle-grade gear. If something is going to void its warranty by falling of a table, it’s not going to protect your head…

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“Stop feeding birds and take down your feeders” says Indiana Department of Natural Resources


In late May of this year songbirds were turning up sick and dying in Monroe County, Indiana, home of Indiana University. Birds were found with swollen and crusty eyes and neurological issues. Affected birds have also been found is several other counties, though not in ours. Species mostly affected are the blue jay, American robin, common grackle, starling, northern cardinal and brown-headed cowbird. We have seen all of these birds regularly at our backyard feeders.

On Friday May 25, 2021 the Indiana DNR issued the following for residents in all Indiana counties: So far testing has only confirmed that the dead birds have not succumbed to avian influenza and West Nile virus. Stop feeding birds until the mortality event has concluded. Clean feeders and baths with a 10% bleach solution. Avoid handling birds. If you need to handle birds, wear disposable gloves.

Further updates may be found at this DNR…

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Understanding Our Past — CRT: Part I

Filosofa's Word

Okay, folks … it seems that there is much confusion surrounding the concept of Critical Race Theory or CRT.  The confusion is twofold:  genuine confusion by people who truly do not understand the theory, and fake outrage by racists and Republicans (largely one and the same) who are trying to make a point to their mostly white base.

Today’s post, the first in a two-maybe-three-part series, looks at what Critical Race Theory is … and what it isn’t, and the evidence to support it.  Then, I hope to deconstruct the outright lies that are being told by the politicians and the likes of Fox News that are creating a furor in this nation … mainly among racists and bigots, but also among those who simply don’t understand what it is and why the theory is accurate.  This is by no means intended to be an academic work, but merely a…

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Después de la tormenta

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

La vida me ha enseñado, en el trayecto del viaje, que tras un ambiente nebuloso y frío, envuelto en nubes plomadas, la tempestad derramará sus gotas en el paisaje, multiplicadas y prodigiosas, y dejará, al partir, charcos que retratarán la belleza y la profundidad del cielo, arcoíris traídos de parajes de ensueño, riachuelos que llevarán los conciertos y los sigilos de la naturaleza entre cortezas y hojas desprendidas de los árboles, perfumes de flores y helechos, policromía excelsa, reflejo, todo, de un pedazo de terruño llamado paraíso, con la invitación de abrir las puertas y las ventanas, admirar el escenario y salir, agradecido y emocionado, a deleitarse con los colores, las fragancias y los sabores de la creación. En una tormenta pertinaz, mucha gente suele espantarse al oír el estruendo de los truenos que se propagan y contemplar el…

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