Tawny Daylily – Easy To Grow, Beautiful, Edible and More!

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The daylily plants that I have now have been in my family for many years.

My grandma was growing them in her yard when I was a teenager, around 40+ years ago.

When I got married in my 20’s, I got a few divisions from her large clump and enjoyed them for many years.

At some point my mom was expanding her gardens and got a few divisions from me since grandma had sadly passed away.

Some years after that, I ended up getting a divorce and moving to an apartment, not being able to take my beloved plants with me.

After 6 years of living in the apartment, I moved to a rental house with lots of property to plant.

That is when my mom gave me some divisions of the plants that I had given her years ago and I’ve been enjoying them here for a few years…

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