Little Musicians


I am a listener of birdsongs
Their rhythmic cadence carries me along.

Drenching the senses by their consonance
Sheer beauty of lyrical opulence.

They chase the anguish from my heart
Refresh the space of routes they chart.

Orchestrating ballads as the sun comes out
Little musicians warbling in nature's hangout.

To harmonize the atmosphere
With sounds of goodwill and cheer.

In the soft caress of zephyr that carries
Symphony of ditties over meadows, valleys.

Across expanse of the cosmos
Embracing the world with melodic notes.

Without syllables in their descant
Their aria sounds like a meaningful chant.

The sky smiles as their laughter resounds
In empyrean's cerulean playground.

Like rainbow clouds that light up the sky
I scribble words in the air and let them fly.

It's like tasting the air, becoming alive
When birds sing, it's like a fresh round of air supply.

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