Let’s eat to feed our souls in 5 Simple Steps.

Good advice backed with facts!

Smiling Little Things

How tempting it sounds, If I tell you you can actually feed your soul through the food you take. We all knowingly or unknowingly are actually feeding not just our hungry stomachs but we often try to nourish our lanky souls. You would agree to this, whenever you feel upset you try to reach to a chocolate or that delicious slice of cake to cheer yourself up. Often emotional eating habits land us into being obese or even into auto immune disorders. A recent Finnish studypublished from Department of Public Health at the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that the immune system seems to play a significant role in eating disorders. In fact, the research revealed that 8.9% of participants with eating disorders also had an autoimmune disease compared to 5.4% of healthy participants. If we try to get more deeper into this we will realise that more we start…

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