Delta Covid-19 variant: “the fastest” and you can take advantage of relaxation measurements. – Jean Carlos Duluc

“This variant Delta is faster, more capable, will attack the most vulnerable more effectively than the previous ones and if there are vulnerable people without vaccinating, they are at greater risk. All of these variants are lethal, but this one has more potential because it is more efficient in transmission and will eventually find people who will become seriously ill, hospitalized, and may die. We can protect those vulnerable people now, “Ryan said.

For its part, the epidemiologist of the WHO leading the response to the coronavirus Maria Van Kherkove, He insisted that vaccines continue to be effective against all variants, but stressed that obtaining maximum protection requires receiving the full immunization schedule.

Source: Delta Covid-19 variant: “the fastest” and you can take advantage of relaxation measurements. – Jean Carlos Duluc


Vivaldi translation of introduction: Normandy
Harcourt, 2016

Aliénor d’Aquitaine passed by. And her son, Richard the Lionheart. The land enchants you. Like the whole Normady region, calm, quiet, with small hamlets that have their story deep in history.

ore de drum

Harcourt, 2016

Aliénor d’Aquitaine a trecut pe aici. Și fiul ei, Richard Inimă de Leu.  Ținutul te vrăjeste. La fel ca toată regiunea Normadia, calmă, liniștită, cu mici cătune care au povestea lor adâncită în istorie.


Drumuri de țară neumblate desenate pe văile râurilor pline de verdeață, păduri, vegetație bogată și îngrijită ambiental.


Natura este generoasă. Aceste pământuri, disputate de secole întregi, au fost împărțite în vechime de vikingi, între ei și aliații lor.


Cel mai bine ar fi să ieși de pe autostrăzi și să o iei la întâmplare pe drumuri înguste, dar excelent întreținute.


Mergi unde te duce drumul și vei avea surprize dintre cele minunate. Așa am ajuns la Harcourt.


Centrul minuscul are o biserică din secolul 13, cu un turn clopotniță pătrat, cu zidurile înnegrite de timp.  Interiorul contrastează prin strălucire.


Castelul familiei Harcourt și parcul său de o sută de hectare reprezintă punctul major de agrement…

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Der Hund, der beste Freund des Menschen in aller Welt

Vivaldi translation of introduction: The dog, the best friend of man in the world
11. November 2018
The dog is good for humans. To know this, it is not necessary to have the numerous studies that have been carried out on this topic. He has been a companion of humans for 15,000 years, he is the most versatile pet that can be imagined: guard dog, protector, therapy dog (e.g. guide dog), a living being who is always waiting for you, where you can get rid of everything that moves you and understands you. The dog is the best friend of man, he is an animal to love, not just for children. The dog also promotes the social contacts of the owner. The dog is loyal to the owner, or another caregiver from the family, until the end of life and partly beyond. So you sometimes read that a dog persists with its fatally injured owner at the scene of the accident until it is violently removed.

Senioren um die Welt

Der Hund tut dem Menschen gut. Um das zu wissen, bedarf es nicht erst der zahlreichen Untersuchungen, die zu diesem Thema gemacht wurden. Schon seit 15.000 Jahren ist er Begleiter des Menschen, er ist das vielseitigste Haustier, das man sich vorstellen kann: Wachhund, Beschützer, Therapie-Hund (z.B. Blindenhund), ein Lebewesen, das immer auf einen wartet, bei dem man alles, was einen bewegt, loswerden kann und das einen versteht. Der Hund ist der beste Freund des Menschen, er ist ein Tier zum Liebhaben, nicht nur für Kinder. Außerdem fördert der Hund die sozialen Kontakte des Besitzers. Der Hund ist dem Besitzer, oder auch einer anderen Bezugsperson aus der Familie, bis ans Lebensende treu und teils darüber hinaus. So liest man gelegentlich, dass ein Hund bei seinem tödlich verunglückten Besitzer am Unglücksort so lange ausharrt, bis man ihn gewaltsam davon entfernt.

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Report from Israel: About Half of Adults Infected With Covid-19 Delta Variant Were Fully Inoculated – Slashdot

Ran Balicer leads an expert Covid-19 advisory panel for the Israeli government. Friday he shared some troubling news with the Wall Street Journal:“The entrance of the Delta variant has changed the transmission dynamics,” said Prof. Balicer, who is also the chief innovation officer for Israel’s largest health-management organization, Clalit.

About half of adults infected in the outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Israel were fully inoculated.

These so-called breakthrough cases — defined as positive Covid-19 test results received at least two weeks after patients receive their final vaccine dose — are broadly expected as the Pfizer vaccine is highly effective but not 100% foolproof, according to Mr. Balicer. Israeli health officials are optimistic that even if the variant does spread, evidence from countries such as the U.K. indicate the vaccine will prevent a large increase in severe illness and hospitalizations that plagued the country’s health system in previous outbreaks. Israel has recorded only five severe cases in the past 10 days, Prof. Balicer said, but whether more will emerge is too early to tell…. Source: Report from Israel: About Half of Adults Infected With Covid-19 Delta Variant Were Fully Inoculated – Slashdot

Matt Hancock resigns at Britain’s health secretary after breaking protocols –

Hancock, who was already under fire for his response to the pandemic, was captured on CCTV footage on May 6 kissing aide Gina Coladangelo when Britons were being told not to even hug people outside of their household. Source: Matt Hancock resigns at Britain’s health secretary after breaking protocols –

What Robinson Crusoe Did Before The Shipwreck

Crusoe was a slave holder…

Odd Bits About Books

You may have guessed this if you’ve been following me for any length of time, but I read a lot. As well as stuff I pick up because it looks interesting, I’ve also got a ‘100 books you should have read’ list that I’m very slowly working my way through when I’m not distracted by anything else. I’ve been working on it for a while (pretty sure it was sent to me as a round robin email before the existence of Facebook!) and am struggling to find it online except here, which is a blog from 2007 where someone’s already filled in their reads. So far I’ve got 68 out of 106 (which are not the same as the ones in that blog), if anyone else wants to play along.

The last couple of things I read were quite full on, so I thought I’d look through the list…

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Tawny Daylily – Easy To Grow, Beautiful, Edible and More!

Ideas and Advice for How To Live a Joyful and Empowered Life.

The daylily plants that I have now have been in my family for many years.

My grandma was growing them in her yard when I was a teenager, around 40+ years ago.

When I got married in my 20’s, I got a few divisions from her large clump and enjoyed them for many years.

At some point my mom was expanding her gardens and got a few divisions from me since grandma had sadly passed away.

Some years after that, I ended up getting a divorce and moving to an apartment, not being able to take my beloved plants with me.

After 6 years of living in the apartment, I moved to a rental house with lots of property to plant.

That is when my mom gave me some divisions of the plants that I had given her years ago and I’ve been enjoying them here for a few years…

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