November 1942 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

One of the US battleships  destroyed off Guadalcanal One of the US battleships destroyed off Guadalcanal

14 November – the Japanese convoy enroute to Guadalcanal was hit by a strike from the USS Enterprise and sank the IJN Kinugasa and set the Isuzi ablaze.  The Maya was then damaged as well as the flagship Chokai.  IJN Admiral Mikawa ordered a retreat and the US aircraft went after the fleeing vessels.  Flying Fortresses alternated their attacks with the carrier aircraft.  Upon hearing these reports, Yamamoto ordered Adm. Kondo to go in with his last battleships and 5 cruisers to destroy Henderson Field.

RAdm. Willis A. Lee RAdm. Willis A. Lee

15 November – Halsey determined that his only hope was Adm. Willis “Ching” Lee and his battleships.  As an expert with radar, Lee chose Cape Esperance as the confrontation site.  The cruiser Sendai, 9 miles away was the first vessel spotted ahead of KOndo’s battleships.  Lee’s 16″ shells were fired and the…

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