A Tale of Three Whales: My Humpback Encounter

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It was so good to retell my story of three humpback whales, whom I met some miles off the coast of California, a few years back. That entire, magical morning came back to me quite vividly.

I got a nudge to do this from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) office in Kingston (which is also the Cartagena Convention Secretariat), who had seen my tweets about their Marine Mammal Month campaign. This June and until July 7. UNEP has been aiming to raise awareness about marine mammals in the Caribbean (yes, we have orcas and whales and manatees) – which as we noted on World Oceans Day this year, face a whole range of threats (here are some older thoughts and quoteson World Oceans Day). By the way you can find me on Twitter daily @petchary and UNEP is @UNEP_CEP.

Many of these amazing creatures, and specific…

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