The Joy of Achieving.

Beyond The Lines

“It’s not what you achieve, because everyone tries to achieve something, but it’s how you achieve makes all the difference in your life”!

“It is so strange that you worry, panic, for achieving something until the last moment and as soon as you reach the end point suddenly all worries, fear, fades away in a snap”.

Today I feel like I have nothing to do and that is an uneasy feeling for me. You must have felt that too! Perhaps after an important meeting, a date, cooking, or delivering an important speech!

Tomorrow when I wake up, I will again have many things to do and learn, but today I am a free man!

“My exams are over today. I feel like a prisoner of war who was just deported back to his country”. 

Yes, my head feels lighter! Do you also feel like a weight has been instantly lifted…

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