From 1985: Warnings from Carl Sagan and Al Gore (Take Two)


Climate deniers will have a hard time explaining these to their grandchildren, the kids who are now woke to the disasters they’ve been served by blindness and greed.

Astounding find by climatestate.

Source: Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I don’t usually repost content; I think it’s much better to simply offer links (though I’m aware they’re rarely followed). But exceptional times call for exceptional measures.

The story so far: I recently stumbled upon an earlier post of mine from 2018, a standard reblog from Peter Sinclair’s ‘climate crocks’ site. The post was just a video that was attended solely by Peter’s comment, above. In the comment thread on that post, Climate State (@climatestate) said of the video:

Thanks Peter for sharing, took me two days to compile this gem. Notice also that Manabe mentions briefly sea ice decline.

Comment by ‘Climate State’ on Peter’s post

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