Letter VI – Land Ho! On the Port Side

Pacific Paratrooper

Dobodura, New Guinea

Just as Smitty expected, their destination was quickly coming up over the horizon. The fleeting glimpse of solid land, Milne Bay, New Guinea was only a short stopover for water (such a disappointment) and they continued their cruisenorth. The 11th Airborne Divisioncame upon the humming waterfront of ships manipulating to unload troops, supplies and equipment in OroBay. They witnessed a paradoxalview of organized chaos.

Down the rope ladders they went to the beach taxis, DUKWs (2 ton amphibious vehicles commonly called “ducks”) and onward to the awaiting shoreline. At latitude 8*52’60S and longitude 148*30’0E, thiswould become the first step for many a G.I. on foreign soil. Once they actually hitthe beach, the heat seemed to slam into the troopers and their uniforms became soaked within minutes, but they proceeded on to the Buna-Dobodura area to make their new base camp.

July 1944. Sherfy, Johnson, Madam Queen, Roberts…

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    1. Outstanding. The Gutenberg does have a number of classics. (sure hope THEY don’t get censored!!)

    2. Phew! That’s a sigh of relief, but then again, who ever thought Dr. Seuss, Gone With The Wind, etc. would be banned, eh?

    3. Dr. Seuss not banned and not noted in the article, Gone with the Wind just not being offered just now by NetFlix. Other books being banned now and then, yes and most are available in other libraries or on Amazon – grin.

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