If I Were A Hero (ABC Poem)

Shayan's Sphere

Above huge hills if ever I could rise,
Beyond the gravity as Iron Man flies.
Climbing and hanging if towers I could touch,
Dashing as the Spider-Man, if fingers were such.
Ever I would be happy and ever I would dance,
Falling and rising in heroic romance.

Grasping high hills if ever I could rise,
Huge, tough and rigid, if Hulk were my size.
If ever my sharpened nails were ever so tough,
Judging and fighting as Mr X-Man: rough,
Kiddy would be happy and kiddy would dance,
Loving and singing in heroic romance.

Mighty huge hills if I could win all heights,
Noting all evilness as Mr. Batman fights.
Owning all powers if this world I could guide,
Powers like a Power Man if Thor were my side.
Quickly I would be…

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