IDB and IDB Lab’s Silver Economy Innovation for Inclusion Challenge invites grant proposals to benefit seniors

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Did you know there is something called the Silver Economy? I love this expression. I hear it is booming in the United States, and why shouldn’t it boom in Jamaica and across the Caribbean? I know on this island we have an aging population – and apparently this also applies to the Latin American/Caribbean region in general. Here’s a great article explaining the potential of the Silver Economy from earlier this year.

Now the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has launched its challenge – perfectly timed, as countries in the region struggle to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic (some of us more successfully than others), and as we consider the support for vulnerable (and growing) populations.

There is funding out there for innovative projects that benefit our elders. Please take advantage of this, and share with anyone who might be interested! The deadline is July 31, 2021, so get your…

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Burger di fagioli cannellini


Pochi ingredienti per un burger leggero e ricco di proteine! L’avete mai provato?

Ingredienti (per 2 persone):

400 gr  di fagioli cannelliniAvat_pag

2 cucchiai di fiocchi d’avena

1 carota

½ patata lessa

1 gambo di sedano

1 spicchio d’aglio privato dell’anima

1 ciuffetto di prezzemolo

Olio evo





Paprika dolce

La sera prima mettete i fagioli in ammollo con un pizzico di bicarbonato. (Potete in alternativa usare quelli in scatola, mi raccomando sciacquateli con acqua fredda e asciugateli bene)

In una pentola versate l’acqua fredda e aggiungete i fagioli cannellini. Accendete il fuoco, portate a bollore quasi realizzando un brodo vegetale aggiungendo una carota, cipolla, sedano e qualche pomodorino maturo (in alternativa andranno bene anche 2 cucchiai di passata di pomodoro in bottiglia).

Coprite e cuocete per circa 2 ore. Vi accorgerete che i fagioli sono pronti quando assaggiandoli appariranno farinosi ma non dovranno spappolarsi. Badate bene…

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Nina Simone

Feeling Good comigo!

” Estrelas quando você brilha, você sabe como eu me sinto

Aroma do pinheiro, você sabe como eu me sinto

Ah, a liberdade é minha!

E eu sei como eu me sinto

É um novo amanhecer

É um novo dia

É uma nova vida para mim

Estou me sentindo bem!

Nina Simone. Feeling Good ( Me Sentindo Bem)


Marii Freire Pereira VEM comigo!

Imagem: pinterest. London Gram

Santarém, Pá 21 de Junho de 2021

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Deixamos a redoma de fragilidade no passado, mas continuamos presas no processo de autoconhecimento comigo!

A imagem da mulher ao longo dos anos vem sendo construída sobre muitas visões. E apesar, dela ter deixado a imagem de figura frágil no passado. Esta, ainda apresenta muitas dificuldade para se compreender como um ser autônomo, como alguém capaz de gerir a própria vida, responder as próprias dúvidas, inquietações, a solidão concreta de seu silêncio, e situações mínimas como compreender os próprios sentimentos.

É raro vermos uma reflexão que fale da mulher como um ser que saindo do ostracismo não se veja obrigada a se submeter a condições que que ainda a coloque sob regras rígidas, como a maternidade, por exemplo. Essa condição continua sendo uma obrigação imposta a todas nós. Evidente que, existem aquelas que optam por não ser mães, mas a realização profissional, bem como a estética é muito forçoso para mulher, mesmo a pós-moderna.

A mulher acredita na sua capacidade intelectual, no poder de criar…

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Study: Households that host social gatherings have higher rates of COVID-19 spread –

Infection rates were 31% higher among households in high-transmission areas in which a member celebrated a birthday, the data showed. They were about 57% higher in households in which a child celebrated a birthday and about 22% higher in those in which an adult did so. “Informal gatherings, such as birthday parties, are still an important source of COVID-19 transmission that have received less attention up until now and should not be overlooked by the public,” study co-author Christopher Whaley told UPI in an email. “Many policies designed to slow COVID-19 spread previously were targeted at formal gatherings [such as] work, travel, dining, etc., but our findings suggest that [informal] gatherings may have deserved additional focus,” said Whaley, a researcher with the RAND Corporation in Berkeley, Calif.

Source: Study: Households that host social gatherings have higher rates of COVID-19 spread –

Populist Leaders in Eastern Europe Run Into a Little Problem: Unpopularity – The New York Times

A right-wing populist wave in Eastern Europe, lifted by Donald J. Trump’s surprise victory in 2016, has not crashed as a result of his defeat last November. But it has collided with a serious obstacle: Its leaders are not very popular. After winning elections by railing against widely disliked elites, right-wing populists on Europe’s formerly communist eastern flank, it turns out, are themselves not much liked. That is due in large part to unpopular coronavirus lockdowns, and, like other leaders no matter their political complexion, their stumbling responses to the health crisis. But they are also under pressure from growing fatigue with their divisive tactics. In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is being countered by an uncharacteristically united opposition. In Poland, the deeply conservative government has made an abrupt shift to the left in economic policy to win back support. And in Slovenia, the hard-right governing party of the Trump-loving prime minister is slumping disastrously in the polls.

Israel’s COVID policy shift: ‘Strongly’ recommends young teens vaccinate – The Jerusalem Post

The Health Ministry is recommending that all youth between the ages of 12 and 15 get inoculated and has asked the health funds to prepare for the vaccination campaign. “It should be emphasized that in view of the expected increase in travel abroad, the removal of masks and the abolition of the green pass – and in order to take all steps to maintain the routine way of life that we managed to achieve in Israel – it is highly recommended to get vaccinated and protected,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

Source: Israel’s COVID policy shift: ‘Strongly’ recommends young teens vaccinate – The Jerusalem Post