“Sickle Cell, Jamaica and Beyond” book presented to National Library of Jamaica

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Professor Emeritus Graham Serjeant is one of those people from overseas who came to Jamaica “for a year or two” and ended up remaining for decades. I know a few of those!Now, in recognition of World Sickle Cell Day (June 19) the Professor presented two copies of his book of memoirs and thoughts to the National Library of Jamaica.

The Sickle Cell Unit at the University of the West Indies in Kingston conducted a study between 1973 and 1981, which concluded, among other findings, that 15% of Jamaican adults are at risk of having a child with Sickle Cell Disease and that 1 in every 150 Jamaicans are born with Sickle Cell Disease, which is hereditary and not contagious. It is caused by abnormally shaped red blood cells, and it is extremely painful. Read more about it here on the National Health Fund of Jamaica’s excellent website and also

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