June 2021 Solstice


Living plants and animals follow a natural set of rules. Our lives depend on our planet’s relationship to the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets of the Solar System. Ever since the first people, we have configured our lives according to climate and seasonal weather situations.

Depending upon whether we live in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, the two Solstices visually mark either the longest or shortest days and the shortest and longest nights. The Summer Solstice marks a way-point of the warmer time of year.

Living beings are by and large at our most active and vital stages. Winter Solstice is the midpoint of hibernation and anticipation of nature’s reawakening. It is on the June Solstice that I entertain fantasies of visiting my friends and readers who live south of the Equator. During the December Solstice, I feel most at home in mind and spirit. Since today is…

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