Jamaican vaccine update: Yes, there’s a global shortage and Yes, there is nothing certain about COVID-19

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A sort of mild panic seems to have set in among some Jamaicans about obtaining their second dose of AstraZeneca. It has all become a bit muddled over the weekend, as another blitz began. The Ministry of Health and Wellness has repeatedly stated that this weekend would be for the over-50 age group only who are due for their second dose and who have confirmation from the Ministry via text message or phone call. However, there seem to have been some problems at the National Arena in Kingston, which closed early – because, according to the Ministry, a lot of people turned up who didn’t come into that category.

The basic problem is – as Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton explained in Thursday night’s press briefing – “not vaccine hesitation, it’s vaccine access.In other words, stocks are running low and the Ministry is having to prioritize…

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