Unlocking The Hidden Me

Twenty years have gone by

Myriads of moments to sigh

Sea of emotions and multitudes of smiles

Oh I have come a thousand miles

This world I tell you is a dark space

Did you ever realise this was really the case

Pigeons turned into eagles I saw

Arduous s it was to unclench the destiny’s claw

A stubborn child I used to be Daddy

Look, now I have become a patient lady

I always hovered around you like a bee

My moppet now does the same, do you ever see

I will get old with no teeth, you teased

I will laugh and you won’t be pleased

You will never become old, I always reverted

Your words often breathes life never to be averted

How would I survive giving her off, you always lamented

I would never marry just be with you, I quoted

Allah fulfilled your…

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