Annoying Father|پدر آزار دهنده

Father’s Day 2021.

A Voice from Iran

“120th story”

First Published: Dec.05.2019

Kyle was twenty-six years old, a young man with a bachelor’s degree, still living with his parents. He was looking for a job and couldn’t wait to get out of his father’s annoying discipline prison.


Kyle: “My father always had something boring to say, like when you are not in your room, turn the lights off. Don’t waste water when you are brushing your teeth.

Don’t drop your garbage on the streets. The environment around you is your home too take care of it. I have a critical interview, in a very successful company. If I get that job I can afford to have a great life free of my bothersome father.”

Kyle wore his best clothes and got ready to leave for the interview. There was his father again mumbling: “Be positive my son. Have confidence. Believe in yourself. You can do this.”


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