Jamaica Update, June 18, 2021: The city’s hottest day, Trench Town blues, and an Uber surprise

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Phew! What a week. We have been under a stifling blanket of Saharan dust for the past couple of days, and endured our hottest day ever in Kingston(June 12). The best thing to do is hide indoors in the daytime and come out to exercise etc. after dark. It has been an exhausting week. We all need to go away and do some meditation.

Agriculture: There has been a great “backyard gardening” project going recently – an effort to improve food security and even provide some income earning during the “stay at home” pandemic era. Eighty households(mostly female-headed) are now using “grow pots” made from recycled plastic by 360 Recycle, partnering with the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) and the Digicel Foundation’s “Plant Yuh Plate” initiative. It’s going well, I understand.

Caribbean: Who is Mehul Choksi? Well, it’s a long story…

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Sunday Afternoon Snark

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Somebody said to me once that she thought I should try ignoring the news for a week or more, just think about positive things, and see if my mood wouldn’t improve.  Well, I didn’t bother to try her suggestion, for I’m a news junkie.  I think it’s our responsibility to stay on top of what’s happening, not only in our own country, but in the world.  Y’see … it’s not all about me … happiness and joy aren’t the end goal here, but rather, at least in my book, leaving a positive mark in the world we occupy, making a difference somehow.  And that’s why things like these two snippets make me growl, put a scowl on my face, and why I must share my growls and scowls with you, my friends.  Happy Sunday!

Murder by any other name …

Chris Craven, a 38-year-old NASCAR team worker, was having a…

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Happiness and flower…!

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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May : Month offlowers

“Where flowers bloom, so doeshope.”

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Refugees coming to your country is a Good thing or a Bad thing?

A good thing that people welcome them in their time of need – a bad thing that they have to flee their homes. Those who offer refuge need to work both sides of the problem.

Beyond The Lines

Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. 

Today on 20th June, World Refugee Day is celebrated to honour refugees every year by the UN.

Who is a Refugee?

Source – thenewyorker

Refugees are people who have fled war, violence, conflict or persecution and have crossed an international border to find safety in another country.

Do Refugees Have Any Rights?

Source – britannica

The UN 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol include :

  • The right to work

  • The right to housing

  • The right to education

  • The right to public relief and assistance

  • The right to freedom of religion

  • The right to access the courts

  • The right to freedom of movement within the territory

  • The right to be issued identity and travel documents.

  • The right not to be punished for illegal entry into the territory of a contracting State.

  • The right not to be expelled…

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Pacific Paratrooper

“On The Rock” by James Dietz

On 16 February 1945, 51 C-47s of the 317th TCG, nicknames “The Jungle Skippers”, dropped 2000 men of the 503rd PIR/11th Airborne Division on the fortress island of Corregidor.  Due to the modest size of the drop zones, only one battalion could be dropped at at a time, with a 5-hours turn around between drops. Each C-47 had to make repeated passes over the DZs and only a handful of paratroopers could jump each time.

The commanding officers, Lt.Col. John Lackey and Co. George Jones circled the island directing the choreography of the mission.  At 08:33 hours, barely 3 minutes late, against 16-18 knot winds, the troopers began to descend on the remnants of MGen. Tsukada’s Kembu Group.

503rd/11th Airborne Division

Paratroopers and infantrymen waged a tenacious battle ‘Topside’ while the 3rd Battalion of the 24th Infantry Division waded ashore on the eastern end…

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Hunter’s ROTC

Pacific Paratrooper

Hunters-ROTC Guerrillas, “The Unsurrendered”

The Hunters ROTC was a Filipino guerrilla unit active during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, and was the main anti-Japanese guerrilla group active in the area near the Philippine capital of Manila It was created upon the dissolution of the Philippine Military Academy.

Cadet Terry Adevoso and others, refused to simply go home as cadets were ordered to do, and began recruiting fighters willing to undertake guerrilla action against the Japanese.

When war broke out in the Philippines, some 300 Philippine Military Academy(the Philippine West Point) and ROTC cadets, unable to join the USAFFE units because of their youth, banded together in a common desire to contribute to the war effort throughout the Bataan campaign. They worked to protect civilians and to assist the USAFFE forces by way of intelligence and propaganda.

Philippine cadets

After the surrender of American and Filipino forces on Bataan The…

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Khalil Gibran

Vivaldi translation: ”When you love, you shouldn’t say :

“God is in my heart” but yes, “I am in the heart of God”.

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

” Quando você ama, você não deve dizer:

” Deus está no meu coração ” mas sim, ” eu estou no coração de Deus”.

Khalil Gibran


Marii Freire Pereira

https://pensamentos.me/ VEM comigo!

Imagem: pinterest. Nancy Lindbergh

Santarém, Pá 20 de Junho de 2021

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Sob constante vigilância dos maridos, mulheres vítimas de violência doméstica têm denunciado menos os seus agressores

Under constant surveillance by their husbands, women victims of domestic violence have reported their aggressors less

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

A violência contra a mulher é um problema antigo, e que faz parte de um sistema sociohistórico que sempre teve suas raízes profundas na intolerância, no ódio e discriminação. A violência de gênero é um assunto que tem discussão recente, e a sua interpretação faz-se necessário para encontrar caminhos que tentem minimizar esse problema social grave.

Quando se fala em violência contra as mulheres, sabemos que a misoginia , o machismo, assim como o ódio encontra-se submerso no modelo patriarcal. Portanto, não há novidade para um assunto velho. Hoje, a novidade é tentar buscar respostas para questões pretéritas, as quais sempre nos colocou hierarquicamente, numa posição inferior.

Quantas vezes, já não colocamos esse assunto em discussão? Inúmeras. É preciso trazer essa mulher de dentro de um quatro escuro, ou seja, do ‘ostracismo’, e dizer a ela o quanto é capaz. É necessário fazê-la acreditar na sua força e capacidade.


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