How NOT to Serve Disabled Customers

The Wheelchair Teen

Me at an anime/manga exhibit in a London museum 

Hey, guys! Today I’m going to be sharing some negative experiences I’ve had with customer service and advice on what could’ve been done better. Me and my mother both love to learn and discover so we have a tradition of visiting a different museum every month. Body museums, chocolate museums, train museums, prison museums… we’ve seen it all. With my friends, I like to see Marvel movies in the cinema and go to cafés to hang out. Basically, for a disabled teenager – I really get around.

Sometimes staff are very helpful when it comes to my disability; sometimes they’re a little confused by me; sometimes they’re downright rude. So here are five tips on the correct way to serve disabled customers:

1. Don’t take advantage

Me holding my colourful purse ❤

I rely on a lot of other people to…

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