for my friend fearing an empty nest

Timeless Classics


my dear
i’ve seen enough of motherhood
in our society to know
there’s no such thing
as a perfect one

try not to worry
too much
about the future

one of these days
at just the right time
you’re going to remember a
personal interest

one that you’ve been pretty much fascinated with
ever since you were a child
but had somewhat forgotten about
in giving yourself so wholly
to the responsibilities
and ecstasies of motherhood.

it’s going to occur to you
that you can now savor this experience
this exploration
all for your own private
pleasure and growth

without having to look after or consider
the needs of anyone else…

and because it is the right time
suddenly you’ll have no guilt at all
for feeling that way

you’ll recenter in your beautiful Self
and realize that to have this opportunity
AND a clear conscience
for having been…

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