Whispering Enchantments of Nature-Poem

Anushka stories

Hello my lovely friends and readers. Nice to see you again guys!! Hope you and your family are in pink of health. My blessings and wishes of recovery and positivity will remain with you all. Anyways, I wrote another poem for a contest being held by Soni As you all might know. 😊😍😘 Hope you will love this poem with all your dear heart as I loved writing it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Redolent chambers of flowers

With a drop of nectar which showers

A lost deep angelic feeling into these magic vines

Unlock a mood of contentment and cheerful cries

The whispering enchantments awake

As the nature makes its way

A soul combined with divine and power

Removing mistakes which purely are sour

The birds of dawn are perfectly poised

Like a beautiful art or maybe a drawing

The slowest voices can be heard from far

And connect…

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