Vitamin B, and Biting Insects


Any regular reader of this blog will know that I often post about the fact that I get badly bitten by insects. Midges, mosquitoes, horsefiles, in fact anything that will bite a human to suck blood. I have spent my life trying to minimize this annual misery by taking tablets, covering my exposed skin in creams and repellent sprays, and wearing wristbands containing chemicals that they are not supposed to like.

Some years, all of that helps to keep the bites to a minimum, but it can often make no difference whatsoever.

Once the insects started to hatch out in May, I soon began to get bites while out walking with Ollie, even though the weather was wet and not very warm. Out came the sprays, and on went the wristbands, but I still had some large bites on my head and legs.

Just over a week ago, my wife…

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