Mumbaikars battle with water crisis, poor sanitisation along with COVID-19.

Water is a basic human right and need – so is public sanitation…

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Source – the guardian

Midst reinfections and vaccination Mumbai is also fighting a continuous battle for water. The slums are more affected than the non-slums.

NGO Praja Foundation released a report on the unsatisfactory work of the municipal corporation in Mumbai. While it appreciates the municipal corporation’s work in handling the pandemic it also addresses how Mumbaikars, specifically people in slums and sub-slums, are deprived of basic civic comforts.

‘Status of civic issues in Mumbai – 2021’ is a white paper compiled based on data obtained through the Right to Information Act, 2005 for all 24 wards.

The report, above all, states the unbalanced water supply in the city. While some areas struggle to fulfill even their basic needs due to lack of water, others are getting enough and even surplus amounts of it.

Source – Mumbai mirror

Look, Mumbai receives 188 lpcd (litres per capita per day) which is…

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